Services we provide
Wood Floors:                 Restore or refinish your wood floors with a specialized one day no mess and no dust process to bring back
                                          the beauty and provide years of protection. We can service engineered, hand scraped and distressed floors! 

Granite Counters:         Granite counters are the most neglected in the typical home. No one thinks their granite needs service. We
                                          have a special process to restore the luster and provide the best protection for them on the market. Once the
                                          process is done they'll be good enough to eat off of! We can make even the best looking counters look better!

Stone Floors &
             All your stone floor/shower materials like travertine, marble and limestone need regular care and   
                                          maintenance. We can clean, seal, polish, hone or dull the look to a more natural texture, flatten them to
                                          remove the high edges, and bring the beauty back you invested in years ago plus apply the most advanced  

                                          sealing process to keep them protected!

Tile & Grout:                  Stone and tile floors deep cleaned to make your routine maintenance easier. Old and stained grout can be 
                                         painted to any color you like and make your floors look like new!

Shower Doors:             We have a special process to clean and protect your shower doors from water spots! Keep yourglass looking  
                                        new. You can even do problematic windows or mirrors too!

Concrete:                      Concrete flattened and prepped to install tile, wood, or laminate floors. Polishing, honing, staining, dying, or 
                                        epoxy coating. Only the best prepping process and products used to provide years of enjoyment!

List of Services:           Wood floor screening, wood floor coating, wood floor restoring, wood floor refinishing, Granite cleaning and 
                                        sealing, Travertine scratch removal, cleaning and sealing, travertine polishing. Marble scratch removal, cleaning 

                                        and sealing, Marble polishing, Limestone cleaning and sealing, Limestone polishing. Lippage removal and 
                                        flattening of stone floors, Granite polishing, Travertine  polishing, Honing stone floors, Tile and grout cleaning, 
                                        grout recoloring, grout painting, Stone shower cleaning and sealing, Glass treatment and cleaning, Natural 
                                        Stone  cleaning and sealing, Stone maintenance, Granite maintenance, Wood floor maintenance. Concrete
                                        polishing, concrete flattening, staining, dying, epoxy coating, stain protection.